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3.7. CEEX - Excellency Research Program
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27 - 29 July 2008 - Conference "Research of Excellence - the path to INNOVATION"

Project Results

Inside this project it has been elaborated and realized new technologies, outperform technologies, on specific locations inside the country, for chemical treatment of the slam from petroleum industry by the means of breaking of chemical bounds between the main components: oil, water and soil.

The declared purpose of the project was to obtain a perfect separation technology for the slam components, so each of them to respect the EU regulations regarding the environmental protection. Also, it had been designed and realized a complex centrifugal installation, using our own solutions, with viable working parameters, so that the elaborated technologies to be tested and verified , and at the end of the project to be homologated.

Because the project propose itself the integral recovery of the petroleum from the industrial waste, it realize an efficient administration of the natural resources, a cleansing of the petroleum slam deposited in exterior stocking ponds, reducing the negative effect of the economical activities over the environment.

Along time, in our country, other than finit commerciale products have been resulted from the oil industry, great quantities of residues. These residues are storaged near the economical units, in places more or less arranged, who certainly bring damage to the environment. A very important fraction of these wastes (we can call it strongly majority) bear the conventional name of „multiphase mixtures” and came from the decanters of raw oil or imported, tank washing, and as a result of oil processing.

The quantities existing at this moment are so big that have became a national problem, and they even brought the atention of the international fora that have as object of activity the environmental protection. In this context all the specialized fora from our country have as main target the diminishing (going up to the complet elimination) of the harmfull impact over the environment, generated by the oil industry, by its secondary products. So, the EU directive 1999/31/CE has as main objective to establish the means and procedures to prevent and diminish the negative effects on the environment due to waste stockpiling.

To fulfill these objectives the european states must aplly measures like: treatment of the wastes before stocking, ban the common stocking of the dangerous wastes with non dangerous wastes, implement control and monitoring activities regarging the closing of the wastes deposites. Romania wishes to approximate with the european legislation, so the EU directive 1999/31/CE regarding the wastes deposites has been transposed in romanian legislation by the laws and normative acts. The priority that is recorded at this moment, is the cleansing of the existing quantities, accumulated in decades and that are rising great problems from all the point views. In the same time it is aimed to supply the industrial units with equipment that will allow the realization of a cllean production, after which will be no wastes that woulf harm the environment.

The priorities mentioned above has dictated both thedirections of the actions and the proposed objectives, acting in first place to diminish the existing stocks but even to improve the technological processes for the extraction, stocking and transport of the oil.

The attempts to solve this problem are very recent in our country, and they are more with the porppose to show a concern in the field and to minimaze the fines that are more and more consistent.

The realization of this project was very difficult ( been a preoccupation of the big producer from abroad, with large investment funds).

The method adopted by the project, a new and innovative one, to process the multiphase mixture is to chemically treat the mixture, followed by the three phase separation of the components: solids, water and oil. Following the design and finalizing of the constructive solution for Centrifugal Multiphase Mixture Separator, it is realized the technical documentation and is constructed the installation.

Each partner made his contribution to realize this project, taking in consideration the multitude of field that were involved: chemistry, physics, metallurgy, and the study of materials coverage, viscous fluid mechanics, material resistance and the problems of making and integration of the installation. The contribution was as it follows: COMOTI and UPB-CEMS realized the execution documentation and the tests for the equipment; UPG and DESAN have made the chemical treatment of the multiphase mixture; METAV RESEARCH-DEVELOPMENT with MIP METAV IND PROD have made the special materials needed for the construction of the separator; PLASMAJET has made the surface covering for the essential parts of the separator. The construction of the experimental model it was done at the INCDTurbomotoare COMOTI with the support of all partners.
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